Saturday, 7 October 2017

How to write for Digital media - Presentation by Prime Point Srinivasan

Anna University organised a three-day workshop on "Writing for Media" from 5th October 2017 to 7th October 2017.  In this unique workshop, professionals from different segments like Print Media, Television Media, Cinema, Researchers, etc. shared their views.  Media Science students of the University were the participants. 

Prime Point Srinivasan, Founder of the Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI) made a presentation on "How to write for Digital Media"   During his speech, Srinivasan explained the difference between writing for conventional media and digital media, including the reading habits and expectations of readers.  He also gave tips to make the articles scannable and readable in the screen.  

Dr. Arutselvan, Asst. Professor of Media Science Department organised this workshop.  The ppt presentation by Srinivasan is embedded here.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Fundamentals of Digital Journalism - Workshop at Dr MGR Janaki College

DiJAI launched  Students Forum in two Colleges at Chennai on 27th July 2017.  On 3rd October, 2017, DiJAI organised a two-hour workshop to the Student Members of Dr MGR Janaki College on the 'Fundamentals of Digital Journalism'.  Prime Point Srinivasan (Founder & Chairman of DiJAI), Bharathi Thamizhan (President, DiJAI) and R Nurullah (Vice President, DiJAI) addressed the students on various aspects of Digital Journalism.  A mentoring Scheme was also announced.

DiJAI is forming Students Forum in various Colleges to hand-hold the non media students.  

The presentation made by Prime Point Srinivasan is embedded below.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Fundamentals of Digital Journalism - Workshop at Soka Ikeda College - 12th Sep 2017

A workshop for 90 minutes was held at Sokda Ikeda Arts and Science College for women on Tuesday, the 12th September 2017.  The  purpose of the workshop was to educate the student members on the steps to be followed for writing an article.

Dr R Jagannathan, President of the Management Committee of the College also participated.  Bharathi Thamizhan, President of DiJAI interacted with the students on the current trends in digital journalism and the expectations of the readers.

K. Srinivasan, Founder Chairman of DiJAI made a presentation on the three steps to be followed while writing an article.  He also made announcement of the Mentoring Scheme for the student Members.

The power point presentation made by K. Srinivasan

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Workshop on Digital Journalism - Full presentation

Launch of DiJAI Students Forum on 27th July 2017

Coinciding with the second Remembrance Day of Dr Abdul Kalam, DiJAI launched the Students Forum in two Colleges viz. (1) Dr MGR Janaki College of Arts & Science for Women and (2) Soka Ikeda College of Arts & Science for women at Chennai on 27th July 2017.  Around 65 student members from both the colleges have been enrolled after a rigorus selection process.  The students from different domains with good writing skills (Tamil or English) and with a passion for 'Digital Journalism' were selected. Link

After the formal launch, DiJAI organised a workshop on 'Digital journalism'. Three experts shared their views on three different topics.  

Dr B Muthukumaran

Dr B Muthukumaran on 'Digital Journalism tools'
Dr. B Muthukumaran
Dr B Muthukumar, Digital Bigdata expert made a presentation on 'Digital journalism tools'.  His presentation is given below:

Shri Vinoth Poovalingam

Vinoth Poovalingam on 'Global trends in Digital journalism'
Vinoth Poovalingam

Shri Vinoth Poovalingam, CEO, Hocalwire made a presentation from Delhi through tele-conference on 'Global trends in Digital Journalism'.  Shri Vinoth manages the technology part of several news portals. His presentation is given here.

Shri V Rajendran

Shri V Rajendran is a Cyber Law Consultant and Advocate.  He is one of the Editorial Team members of PreSense and a Trustee of DiJAI.  He made a presentation on 'Cyber Laws affecting Digital Journalism'.  His presentation is given here.

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