Wednesday 4 October 2017

Fundamentals of Digital Journalism - Workshop at Dr MGR Janaki College

DiJAI launched  Students Forum in two Colleges at Chennai on 27th July 2017.  On 3rd October, 2017, DiJAI organised a two-hour workshop to the Student Members of Dr MGR Janaki College on the 'Fundamentals of Digital Journalism'.  Prime Point Srinivasan (Founder & Chairman of DiJAI), Bharathi Thamizhan (President, DiJAI) and R Nurullah (Vice President, DiJAI) addressed the students on various aspects of Digital Journalism.  A mentoring Scheme was also announced.

DiJAI is forming Students Forum in various Colleges to hand-hold the non media students.  

The presentation made by Prime Point Srinivasan is embedded below.


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