Monday 13 April 2020

Government officials can avoid Press Conferences during Corona Crisis - Use Video conferencing to brief Media

Many parts of the country are celebrating New Year today and tomorrow.  DiJAI greets all members a very happy new year. 

Today Mr Bharathi Thamizhan of Chennai Press Club has issued a Press Release requesting the Government of Tamil Nadu to avoid direct daily Press Conferences by Ministers and Officials to brief about Corona, as it may pose risk to the media persons.

Chennai Press Club has suggested that the Government can issue Press Releases and  conduct Press briefing through video conferencing.  Chennai Press Club has also suggested the Government can nominate few officials for media contact to get any clarifications.

On behalf of DiJAI, I endorse the views of Chennai Press Club and all the State Governments in India can avoid direct press conferences till the normalcy is restored and conduct press briefing through video conferencing.  This will avoid the risk for media persons.

K. Srinivasan, Chairman, Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI)
13 April 2020


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